An exhibition by Sound Lab Eindhoven


A great mutation of sound producing objects has started. In this new digital era, matter is not a limit anymore. Instruments are evolving into creatures of symbiotic interfaces, alien sounds and merged visuals… it is time to make a journey through the most bizarre sound creatures of the future and experience a new musical universe for yourself.


From the editor of Create Digital Music :

"Bizarre Sound Creatures 2015 was an exhibition held October 2015 in Eindhoven (NL), accompanied by workshops and performances. The theme wasn’t just new instrument design and music making, but imagining a future world with peculiar evolutionary twists. These are musical objects with odd appendages and surprising interfaces.

Bizarre Sound Creatures had a packed program of artists and inventors, centered at Eindhoven’s post-industrial Strijp-S. Tens of thousands surged through the pavilion, accordingly, a tide of Europeans interested in what’s new – locals and visitors alike."


Bizarre Sound Creatures will be back in 2016 with more breathtaking sound art and design.
Join our open call to take part in the adventure.